User Guide: 2023

Account Settings - How to edit your TG Account

A. Change: Teacher’s Password

  1. Login to the site using a teacher account.
  2. Go to Edit Profile (top right) on the black bar
  3. Go to Account Management 
  4. Set New Password
  5. Go to the bottom of that page and press Update Profile

Never share your teacher’s login details with anyone else. We strongly advise that every curriculum teacher in your music department change their teacher’s account password to something secure/personal to them.


B. Change: Student’s Password

  1. In order to edit your school’s student account (password or username) please contact info@TeachingGadget.comfrom one of the teacher emails assigned to your school.


C. Add/Edit: Class Codes

  1. Login to the site using a teacher account.
  2. Go to Edit Profile (top right) on the black bar
  3. Go to Class Names 
  4. Now add your Class Codes in a vertical order like this:




  1. Go to the bottom of the page and press Update Profile

Hint: If your first Class Code reads: ‘CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE YOUR CLASS’ this will prompt your students to select their correct teaching group/class code and not merely use the top default one in your list. TeachingGadget does this by not allowing a submission with the class reading: CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE YOUR CLASS.

Class Codes should only be added to one teachers account (if your school have multiple teachers in your music department). Please keep the Class Names field of additional teacher accounts blank. 


D. Assign Tasks to Students

  1. Login to the site using a teacher account.
  2. Go to a game / resource page (by looking through the site itself or using the INDEX). 
  3. Press the button Assign to Class (green button bottom right of the page).
  4. A dialogue box will appear 
  5. Select which teaching group you’d like to assign this activity to from the drop down menu.
  6. You can add a typed description (not mandatory)
  7. You can add a due date (not mandatory)
  8. Press ‘Assign Task’ 
  9. The dialogue box will stay open (to allow you to select more teaching groups to attempt the same task). Press X to close the dialogue box.
  10. When a student logs onto the site (using the student username and password) they need to press ‘My Assignments’ (this can be found on the welcome page after logging on or in the instrument menu). 
  11. The students then select their teaching group (from the drop down menu) and their assigned tasks will be shown. 
  12. They simply press the task(s) and will be navigated to that activity. 
  13. At the end of each game/quiz the students will enter their name and choose their teaching group. Their score and date stamp (time and date of completion) will now appear in the ‘Teacher Tracking’.


E. Edit Assignments 

  1. Login to the site using a teacher account.
  2. Go to ‘My Assignments’ 
  3. You will now have the option to edit, delete and download the assignment tasks for your school. 
  4. You can change the displayed number of assignments (default 100) by changing the number and pressing filter.
  5. You can sort and filter assignments by class and task.
  6. You can delete individual tasks or press delete all shown assignments. 
  7. You can download all assignment data by pressing: Export View to Excel. 


F. How do Students Submit Work? 

  1. All students login to the site using your school’s student account (each school has one student account, so every student uses the same username and password). 
  2. After logging in students can use the ‘My Assignments’ portal (see Point D for more details) or navigate the site themselves to find the actives you’d like them to attempt. 
  3. At the end of each game a submission dialogue box will appear. This will ask students to choose their teaching group from a drop down menu (from your ClassCodes list - see point C for more details). 
  4. Students also need to add their name and then press ‘Submit Score’.
  5. The submission box will disappear and a confirmation notification to say that the submission has been successfully added to the ‘Teacher Tracking’ will be shown. 


G. How do Teachers Check Submissions/Work? 

  1. Login to the site using a Teacher Account.
  2. Go to ‘Teacher Tracking(only accessible using a Teacher Account).
  3. Every task attempted from your students will appear. These can be filtered by class, task and alphabetically sorted.
  4. Data can be downloaded in excel / spreadsheet format. 
  5. Each page will default to 100 submission - this number can be edited by typing in different amount and pressing filter
  6. As students attempt more activities your ‘Teacher Tracking’ portal will expand automatically.