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Guitar Notation Game – This resource will improve note recognition across the guitar neck and treble clef.

Bass Guitar Notes Quiz - Assessment for fretted Bass Guitar notes on frets 1-5

Bass Guitar Notation - Assessment for reading the bass clef (standard notation) and identify the notes on the neck (frets 1-5)

Melody Maker – This resource will randomly generate different beginner notes for the guitar and assign them to the simple rhythms (see Rhythm Menu). Choose between notes on the E or B string or even a combination of both.

Notation Machine – This resource has been made to improve your sight reading skills.  Shuffle to try one of the hundreds of available exercises.

Pitch Quiz – After you have mastered the Treble Clef resource try your wits at the Pitch Quiz. You have 25 seconds to correctly answer the randomly generated questions. What’s your top score?

Notation Maker – Create your own melody using the Notation Maker. . Compose a melody and ask your class to sight read and perform it.

Guitar Game – Play this timed pitch game on the virtual guitar. Show your students where the notes can be found across the neck.

FCGD – This game introduces the standard notation applied to 4 notes (FGCD) within first position playing. Press the correct string and fret.